Shear Line

Shear Line is used for dividing rectangular metal sheets by cutting rolled coils or narrow steel strips to meet customer requirements. The main purpose of the Shear Line is to cut the steel strips precisely into the required size. It can flexibly adapt to the cutting strips of various lengths, and operates on a similar principle as the Slitter Line.

Input materiál specification

Thickness:min. 0,3 mm – 3,2 mm
Width:min. 270 mm – 1,850 mm
Coil weight:max. 25 000 kg
Inside diametre:Ø 508 mm / Ø  610 mm
Outside diametre:Ø 800 mm – Ø 2,300 mm


Production line specification

Line speed:max. 10 – 90 m/min
Cut lenght:220 – 5,000 mm
Production tolerance:-0,5mm/+0,5mm
Capacity:80 000 ton/year

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